Q.1. What is The Ahimsa Fellowship about?

We are looking to train and mentor 20 Fellows for a period of 9 months in animal welfare advocacy in States and Districts across India. The Fellows will be well-versed in using legal and policy provisions pertaining to animal protection in India. They will work closely with State Governments and District Administrations to capably enforce and implement animal welfare laws.

Q.2. When will the application process be finalized?

After an initial screening of applications, interviews of shortlisted candidates will be conducted from July 2022 to August 2022.

Q.3. Will the Fellow be paid a stipend?

Yes. We will offer a stipend of Rs. 20,000 per month to the Fellows. The stipend amount is meant to cover cost of living expenses (including local travel for project activities/ and mobile phone expenses).

Q.4. What is the duration of the Ahimsa Fellowship Program?

The duration of the Ahimsa Fellowship Program is 9 months, starting September 2022.

Q.5. Do I have to attend the Residential Training Workshop?

Yes. It is mandatory to commit to attend the 10 Days Residential Workshop at New Delhi, once in every three months. This is a training workshop during which Fellows will be oriented in-depth about the legal and policy regime pertaining to animal welfare laws in India.

Q.6. How many Residential Training Workshops are there?

4 Residential Training Workshops are to be conducted across 4 Quarters: i.e. September 2022, December 2022 and March 2022 and June 2022.

Q.7. What activity is there other than the Residential Training Workshops?

Fellows are expected to implement the learnings gained at the workshop with field work, project activities and assignments for the remaining quarter in their respective cities. Weekly online lectures with mandatory attendance and sessions with mentors will be conducted on a regular basis. Fellows will be expected to log in requisite number of work-hours vide a learning management system.

Q.8. Is it compulsory to attend all training lectures, including online lectures?

Yes. This will enable the Fellows to keep pace with the lectures and effectively implement them at the State and District level.

Q.9. How many hours a day will I need to commit?

This is a full-time Fellowship Program. Fellows are expected to commit 8 to 10 hours a day (Mon-Sat).

Q.10. Will I be entitled to leaves during the Fellowship Program?

The Ahimsa Fellowship is a full-time professional commitment. Leaves with respect to personal exigencies will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Prior intimation will be required.

Q.11. Will I be working directly with animals?

The Fellowship does not involve direct care-giving/ sheltering of animals. Fellows will be working with State Governments and District Administration to facilitate implementation of animal welfare laws and policies. Hence, Fellows will be engaged in helping create better living conditions for animals through advocacy efforts.

Q.12. Can I join the program for only 6 months?

No. Only individuals who are willing to commit to the full duration of 9 months may apply.

Q.13. Will I get a job at the end of the fellowship program?

Animal Welfare is an emerging sector with opportunity for work in various organisations as well as scope for self-employment. The selected candidates who successfully complete this fellowship program will be recommended for placements in organisations across India.

Q.14. What languages do I need to know to pursue the Fellowship?

Having good command over written and spoken English is necessary. Additionally, command over Hindi language (in a Hindi speaking State) or dominant vernacular language (in non-Hindi speaking States) is required.

Q. 16. Will I be working with other organizations?

Yes. Fellows will be given an opportunity to intern with other organizations across India.

Q.15. Will study material be provided?

Yes. Comprehensive study material will be provided to the Fellows.