Aarti Bhavana

Bharat Initiative for Accountability

The Ahimsa Fellowship gave us the tools to help the billions of animals being exploited in our country every single day. There is a lot that can be done.

Ankita Sharma

People For Animals Public Policy Foundation

The Ahimsa Fellowship guided me in understanding the landscape of animal protection in our country including the challenges, and effective solutions to overcome them. This has helped me to streamline my efforts towards systemic change and positively impact the lives of a large number of animals!

Deepika Kini G

People For Animals Public Policy Foundation

Ahimsa Fellowship gave me an insight into the legal side of welfare, and helps in making the most impactful work for the animals

Dr Asher R Jesudoss

Director, Model District Programmes,
People For Animals Public Policy Foundation

Founding Director, Aloha Ahimsa Foundation

Executive Member, Delhi Animal Welfare Board

The Ahimsa Fellowship provides the perfect platform for serious, committed individuals who want to make a career in animal protection and impact the lives of animals in the most effective manner.

Dr Hemanth Byatroy

Senior Manager, Capacity Building, Humane Society International India

Ahimsa Fellowship is a much needed guidance for anyone who wants to work for animal welfare and protection.


Niharika Kapoor

Manager, Mercy For Animals India Foundation

I was working for animal protection, but my work lacked a sense of direction and the Ahimsa Fellowship helped me find it.

Praveen Suresh

Manager, Disaster Preparedness, Response and Relief, Humane Society International India

The Ahimsa Fellowship has enhanced my knowledge of policies and structures and I recommend it to all serious animal welfare advocates.

Ramesh B


Rashmi Chaudhary

Founder, Street Animal Welfare, Assam

The Fellowship changed my whole idea about animal welfare. I was rescuing and treating dogs & cats, but after the Fellowship, I realised what real welfare work is and got the tools and techniques to tackle real life problems.

Rhiddhi Patel

Legal Consultant,
Fish Welfare Initiative India

The Ahimsa Fellowship gave me practical and legal insights into effective strategies for animal advocacy and policy work in India. It empowered me to become a stronger animal advocate.

Rubina Nitin Iyer

Senior Manager, People For Animals Uttarakhand

The Ahimsa Fellowship is a programme that grooms us in effective animal advocacy, it’s a wholesome programme which teaches us the legal and effective ways to best create an difference in the lives of crores of animals.

Sandeep Reddy

Chief Operating Officer (COO),
India Animal Fund

The Ahimsa Fellowship gave me a glimpse into what can be done for animals in this country. It made me realise that there is hope after all.

Shashikanth Purohit

Project Manager, People For Animals Uttarakhand

Realisation of the impact an individual can create for hundreds of animals could only come through after the Ahimsa Fellowship.

Soufiya Akshita K Farzaranye

Programme Manager,
People For Animals Public Policy Foundation

The Ahimsa Fellowship has been a profoundly transformational journey! It has provided me with fresh insights and a clearer direction to make a significant impact in the lives of non-human animals. I am deeply grateful to my mentors, whose unwavering dedication has played a pivotal role in shaping the landscape of the animal protection movement in India.

Sunayana Sibal

Founder and Managing Director,
Varaha Impact Foundation

I owe immense gratitude to the Ahimsa Fellowship for helping me look beyond the sheer helplessness I felt when witnessing animal cruelty; and instead take onus towards mobilising large scale impact for animal welfare.

Surbhi Tripathi

Senior Manager,
People For Animals Uttarakhand

The Ahimsa Fellowship gave me a great opportunity to work for the welfare of animals and better understand our limitations and strengths as animal advocates.

Anamika Rana

Aanchal Raturi

Khushbu Sainani

Associate, Corporate Engagement,
Bharat Initiative for Accountability

Thanks to the Ahimsa Fellowship, I’m not sitting on the sidelines being outraged at the immense suffering of animals anymore. Law and policy go a long way in ensuring justice to the unheard.

Mehak Ahal

Associate, Corporate Engagement,
Bharat Initiative for Accountability

The Ahimsa Fellowship is a true catalyst. The knowledge-sharing, the one-on-one mentorship, leadership training and opportunities it provides helped me grow into the person I had always wanted to be – someone capable of impacting the lives of billions of animals!

Mishi Aggarwal

Specialist, Cruelty Response,
Humane Society International India

Feeling bad for animals doesn’t help them – being an Ahimsa Fellow does.

Mouli Mehrotra

Founder, The Kind Hour Foundation

The Ahimsa Fellowship has been a capsule of nitrogen for my journey of working for the animals. To realise my potential with respect to the impact a single human can make, is incredible. It has empowered me with relevant knowledge and the best mentors in the field!

Pooja Rathore

Founder, Aham Premah Foundation

Ahimsa Fellowship and its mentors played a transformative role in shaping me into a more effective animal protection advocate. Through their guidance, support, and knowedge-sharing, I gained a deeper understanding of animal rights issues, developed essential advocacy skills, and cultivated a compassionate approach.

Radhika Ravichandran

The Ahimsa Fellowship has greatly influenced my personal growth and education, transforming my perspective of animal protection. Through in-depth engagement with animal protection laws and hands-on experience working with government departments, I received invaluable support from my mentors. This fellowship has truly enhanced my compassion and animal advocacy skills.

Shaalini Agrawal

Legal Consultant, People For Animals Public Policy Foundation

The Ahimsa fellowship has taught me to channel my compassion to effectively advocate and create systemic changes for the welfare of animals.

Tejovanth Anupoju

Coordinator, Humane Society International India Member, Andhra Pradesh Animal Welfare Board

By working with influential leaders and advocating for reforms that address cruelty, neglect, and exploitation of animals, the Ahimsa Fellowship contributes to creating a more equitable and just society for all living beings. It is a shining example of how a strong commitment to values like compassion and non-violence can drive positive changes on a global scale.

Seemanthini Channamallikarjuna

Seemanthini. Channamallikarjuna

Ahimsa Fellowship enriched my understanding of global animal welfare issues, guiding me to contribute effectively. Peer and mentor support proved invaluable, marking a transformative journey in Indian advocacy. Grateful for the opportunity, age notwithstanding, it’s a new chapter in my life and a force for change in Indian animal welfare.

Dinanath Bhardwaj

Dinanath Bhardwaj

As an Ahimsa Fellow, I gained comprehensive knowledge and insights into various aspects of animal welfare, ranging from ethical treatment to advocacy and policy initiatives.
Using own ability and skills to reduce pain and suffering of animals is always a pleasurable experience .

Eunice Lotha

This fellowship has unfurled my senses to varied aspects of cruelty occurring in plain sight that I was oblivious to. It honed my character and personality not just for the work in this field but also life in general. And that, how in every big and small ways we all can lend a hand to make a change in ending animal cruelty and invoking a sense of compassion in all of us.

Ishita Gondli

The Ahimsa Fellowship encouraged me to think beyond just a single aspect of animal welfare. It helped me develop a long-term goal of ending animal suffering through advocacy. With the support of the Ahimsa fellowship, I am committed to making significant improvements for animals by creating strategic policies and advocating for them.

Ishwita Kaur Malhotra

Ahimsa Fellowship has served as a guide to me , pointing me in the right direction. Through this fellowship I’ve been equipped with skills to create a positive impact in the lives of sentient beings, enabling me to make a meaningful difference.

Jiji Swaminathan

The Ahimsa Fellowship empowered me with profound insights into animal law and effective advocacy. While my focus was once limited to companion animals, I now comprehend the deep suffering endured by farm animals. Empathy for animals isn’t just enough. Let’s translate it into action to bring about meaningful changes in their lives. I am proud to be a part of this impactful movement.

Lalitha Padmanabhan

The Fellowship guided me to try methods that were new to me and draw inspiration from the efforts of my cohort. I gained knowledge about the legal landscape of animal welfare and learned from experiences such as visiting government offices and documenting places of animal abuse, adding layers of insight to what I previously knew.

Meeta Aggarwal

I can affirm that this program was pivotal in shaping my advocacy for animal welfare. The hands-on projects, expert mentorship, and comprehensive curriculum not only deepened my understanding but also empowered me to effect meaningful change in animal protection.

Mihir Dawar

The Ahimsa Fellowship is a transformative experience for those committed to animal protection in India, fostering innovative leadership through a unique blend of experiential and cross-disciplinary learning. It encourages active inquiry rather than providing ready answers, with peers serving as invaluable sounding boards in a journey of meaningful discovery and impactful action.

Mranal Sharma

The Fellowship provided me with unique opportunities to understand the various dimensions of animal protection law and policy of which i was not aware of. The expertise provided by the mentors helped me hone my skills and expand the horizon of my knowledge. my experience at Ahimsa has made me more compassionate towards the unspoken problems of animals and society at large.

Pallavi Sarah Krishnappa

The Ahimsa Fellowship has equipped me with not only the knowledge and skills but also the invaluable support of a community of passionate animal protection advocates, united in our mission for a brighter future for all animals.

Pratiksha Rao

The Ahimsa Fellowship empowered me to navigate India’s Animal Protection landscape, enhancing on-ground skills and legal knowledge. Mentoring from Gauri Maulekhi ma’am strengthened my resolve. Joining a compassionate community was a highlight. I encourage individuals seeking to advocate for animals to join the Fellowship, learn, and contribute to building a compassionate world

Rohit S Pillai

Before, I just knew farm life was tough. But learning animal laws opened my eyes. Now, I can spot concerning conditions and report them. Stronger laws mean better living spaces, pain relief during procedures, and even a glimpse of sunshine for farm animals. It’s knowledge that translates to better lives for millions.

Sanna Singh

Through the Ahimsa Fellowship, I have not only become a more compassionate and mindful person – but also discovered a sense of belonging within a community that shares and uplifts my core values

Shreemoyee Chakraborty

Sinchana Subramanyam

To describe The Ahimsa Fellowship in one word would be ‘empowering’. The program is designed in such a way that you upskill in multiple verticals of the animal welfare movement. The journey is so full of enriching experiences that you walk out of it with a sense of both responsibility and power to be a stronger voice for the animals.

Varuna Verma

The Ahimsa Fellowship taught me what no school and college did – the realities of how animals fare in our human-centric world. It also provided me with the knowledge and tools to work towards making this world a better place for them. It’s been a hugely transformative journey.

Virendra Singh

Ahimsa Fellowship exposed me to diverse fields that I couldn’t have experienced otherwise, helped me discover my hidden potential, and empowered me with tools to effectively advocate for the welfare of farm animals.

Ayaan Ali

Our mission is clear: to alleviate suffering in this world. As an Ahimsa Fellow, I’ve chosen to dedicate myself to the cause of ending animal suffering.
Finding fulfillment is not merely about personal gain, but about bringing justice to the vulnerable and voiceless. Let us rise up and fight for them, for time is fleeting. I stand committed to this noble cause, advocating for those who cannot seek justice themselves. Together, we can make a profound difference in the world