What We Offer

Leveraging Knowledge to Protect All Animals

  • In-depth understanding about legal and policy regime pertaining to animal protection.
  • Comprehensive curriculum covering pertinent animal welfare issues, especially farmed animal protection.
  • Exposure to lectures from the best Subject Matter Experts.
  • Experiential learning through residential contact classes, planned projects, field work activities etc.

Capacity Building and Leadership Training

  • Training on organisational structures of bureaucracy and protocols for interacting with government authorities.
  • Advanced soft skills & communication training.
  • Training to manage independent campaigns and fundraise.
  • Values-based leadership that emphasises on aligning core belief systems with professional growth.
  • Peer learning opportunities.

National Network for Animal Protection Advocacy

  • Building a network of dedicated leaders situated across India who are motivated by the collective goal of combating animal suffering through effective policy advocacy, public awareness and movement-building

Placement Opportunities with Animal Protection Organisations

  • For the duration of the Fellowship, a monthly stipend will be offered to each Fellow. The stipend is provided to cover cost of expenses required for the execution of projects and milestones.
  • At the end of the Fellowship, Fellows may be recommended to Animal Protection Organisations across India.
  • Selected promising projects will also seed grants and incubation support through the Ahimsa Fellowship Incubation Cell.